NEWTOWN REMEMBERS Commemorating 100 years since the First World War
Y DRENEWYDD YN COFIO Coffáu 100 mlynedd ar ôl y Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf

Come and view the moving Gallipoli Exhibition now open in Ladywell House.  Tuesday to Friday, 10am-5pm until 8th October. Find out about the Newtown and Welsh soldiers who died in this gruelling campaign.

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The Newtown Remembers partnership, led by Newtown Town Council is leading a project to commemorate the impact of the First World War on the town.

Activities planned include free trips for local people to visit exhibitions, museums and the National Memorial Arboretum in Stafford and then use these experiences to highlight how Newtown and the local population were affected by the war.

We looking for volunteers to help collect photographs, newspaper clippings and letters, which can be displayed alongside the material collected from national museums. In this way the whole community can see how we are all connected in some way to the First World War.

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Thursday 1st Jan
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